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Web address

The full address where Moodle will be accessed i.e. the address that users will enter into the address bar of their browser to access Moodle.

It is not possible to access Moodle using multiple addresses. If your site is accessible via multiple addresses then choose the easiest one and set up a permanent redirect for each of the other addresses.

If your site is accessible both from the Internet, and from an internal network (sometimes called an Intranet), then use the public address here.

If the current address is not correct, please change the URL in your browser's address bar and restart the installation.

Moodle directory

The full path to the directory containing the Moodle code.

Data directory

A directory where Moodle will store all file content uploaded by users.

This directory should be both readable and writeable by the web server user (usually 'www-data', 'nobody', or 'apache').

It must not be directly accessible over the web.

If the directory does not currently exist, the installation process will attempt to create it.

Last modified: Saturday, 11 July 2015, 1:43 PM