E- Learning

OHSTC defines e-learning as: 

the use of information and communications technology to provide a range of approaches to enhance and extend learning for a wide range of individuals and groups’.

The OHSTC seeks to support the development of e-learning and to embed this into its learning and teaching policy and practice to support students and improve the management of learning.  It acknowledges, however, that Schools and disciplines have different needs and requirements in the use of new technology and that diversity of approach, technologies, assumptions and values should be supported within the context of clearly defined objectives and overall targets.

The OHSTC recognises that:          


·         one size does not fit all

·         technologies need to be matched to pedagogical intentions and learners’ diverse needs

·         any strategy needs to be flexible and responsive to changing needs, priorities and emerging technologies.

Last modified: Saturday, 11 July 2015, 3:29 PM